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The Electric Fire Truck is Here

The electric vehicle has been one of the most groundbreaking innovations to happen to the automobile industry. Companies like Tesla have manufactured an electric semi-truck. The bigger the electric vehicle the better, right? There are so many possibilities when it comes to “going electric.” And, in the Austrian city of Linz, Rosenbauer, Kreisel Electric, and LINZ AG have introduced Europe’s first all-electric fire truck.

This is big. There are so many components that come into play when operating a fire apparatus. To say the least, it needs a lot of energy. An electric fire truck that can contribute to a greener world and help eliminate toxic emissions that bleed into the atmosphere is a game-changer.

An electric fire truck is perfect for rapid response situations. With it having smaller dimensions than the typical apparatus you see swirling around town, its design would be ideal for the following:

  • Large, congested cities

  • Small towns

  • Countryside communities

  • And, airports

Instead of going to the fuel pump, the electric fire truck can be charged at the station between calls. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is convenient and efficient.

Other perks to electric fire trucks are:

  • The reduction of air pollution

  • Less harmful emissions

  • The bettering of the quality of life

Electric vehicles are here. They will continue to grow, and be known in more industries to make this world a better place. The cost of producing electric vehicles may be high, but the investment of manufacturing an electric fire apparatus is worth it, and just makes sense.

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