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Let's Continue to Create Opportunity

As bloom.CAPITAL begins its growth into the global market we want to make sure that our investors know that they have made the right decision. Our goal

is to invest in small companies all over the world to create manufacturing and distribution both domestically and globally. But, the global economy can change at any time. And, questions like, “is nowa good time to invest?” will always be in the back of any investors mind. The world will never stop changing, but the way it changes is up to everyone that lives on this big ol’ rock.

The past couple of weeks, phrases like, “increased tariffs,” “taxes,” “delayed mergers,” and “trade war” have been heavily heaved through the media.

What does this mean for investors?

What if everyday items at a major big, box super store double in prices?

How can people feel safe spending their hard-earned money when their budget might drastically change?

These are scary questions. And, as scary as they may seem, opportunity is on the horizon. Small companies are out there in every country manufacturing domestically trying to find a way to expand and share their hard work with the rest of the world. That’s where bloom.CAPITAL comes in. We want to help provide the funds to merge with a small factory, and we can do it! Sure, there is always the possibility of a trade war, but there’s always room for growth in all markets.

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