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Google Could be on its way Back to China: Good or Bad?

Growing globally is an important investment for many large companies. But, due to certain government legislations in each country, it isn’t always a possibility without moving away from the company’s core values.

According to an article posted on CNN’s website, Google might have plans to develop an Android app to expand their services back to China.

China and Google parted ways in 2010. For Google to be a search engine in China it would have to conform to the government’s censorship laws, which does not comply to Google’s market — having web freedom.

If Google and China decide to become friends again, how will this affect businesses globally?

Google is a user-friendly company. And, per an article in The Intercept, Google wants everyone all over the world to have access to Google — including China. To do this means that Google will, once again, alter their motto and comply to censorship.

Google is a great source of information, and provides investing opportunity for to growing and existing businesses all over the world. By complying to China’s restrictions could be worrisome for other companies trying to do business in China without submitting to such demands, according to The Intercept.

This is a sticky situation, but raises a lot of thought. When growing a business globally, you must think very detailed about the investments that make for your product.

How can this benefit the consumer?

Is complying to regulations not in the company’s mind-set a deal breaker?

These are just a few questions that pop into my mind.

A good product should be able to benefit as many people possible. By studying what massive companies, like Google, invest in to expand its arm’s reach is important to consider your company’s core values, and how you will expedite your next business move.

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