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Euramco doubles down on CO-free PPV

Euramco Group's RAMFAN brand of firefighting PPV fans has released a new family of what is being called the "World's Most Powerful Battery Fans."

The core technology that is making this rapid evolution into the higher power category possible is the Intellisense E3 controller. Powering a 1.4 kW brushless DC motor, the Intellisense E3 controller is a very mature evolution that brings power, safety, and durability to the firefighting equipment market.

"Not only is the E3 platform capable of delivering higher power output, but the capabilities of it are a major step...or three...ahead of anything on the market," explained Euramco's Vice President, Zach Allen. "The processing power of the Intelliense E3 allows millisecond speed response to sensor inputs including motor and battery temperature and even switching between 2 batteries to 1 battery to AC power, or vice versa, each with an intelligent response defined to boost performance, increase safety, and enhance the long-term durability of the customer's investment. It really is game-changing tech."

Over the past several years, Euramco has invested in bringing development and production of brushless motors, controllers, and battery packs in-house. This vertical integration has enabled the Euramco team to accelerate time to market of new products, decrease production times, and rapidly iterate revisions in line with their commitment to continuously improve product quality and capability.

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