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XFDirect adds AI-based inspection tools to user app


ServiceConnect, XFDirect's innovative SaaS platform--the Asset Management system built within the WeChat (微信) mini-program ecosystem for the Chinese market--has added AI-based inspection tools to guide firefighters through self-diagnostics inspections for specific equipment types, dramatically reducing service completion times by, literally, putting advanced inspection capabilities in the hands of equipment users.

As the XFDirect development team continues to expand the dataset to include more equipment types, from SCBAs to rescue tools and--coming soon--entire trucks, the asset management system gets smarter by tracking equipment condition and prioritizing field technicians' to visit those fire departments with equipment found to have low or critical states of health. As the dataset grows, the predictive abilities of the software integrates with both spare parts supply chain and mobile technician routing and scheduling--all leading towards keeping a certain firefighting tool in service and ready for the next emergency call.

"We're bringing technology that is now commonplace in the high-tech sector of computers, software, and mobile phones--and applying it to a critical industry that is typically very conservative in its acceptance of new ideas," said Zach Allen, a member of the board of directors for XFDirect. "XFDirect approach to both software and technical service is improving dispatch reliability for our fire service clients while reducing total lifecycle costs of their assets, which in aggregate represent global tax-funded acquisitions of more than $5b annually. We have an aggressive R&D roadmap for bringing more connectivity to the fire service all sharing the same mission of maximizing dispatch reliability throughout our clients' fleet."

XFDirect operates the ServiceConnect SaaS platform together with a network of physical service sites across 4 countries in APAC, including China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines. Still in the startup phase, XFDirect was founded in 2015 and counts several well-known companies and investors on its board of directors to help guide its development.

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